KRACH Rankings

2023-2024 KRACH Rankings #7 - Final (2023-2024 Regular Season)

1) Wisconsin (16W)
2) St. Thomas (18W)
3) Jamestown (14W)
4) UMN-Crookston (13W)
5) Minnesota (15W)
6) St. John's (8W)
7) North Dakota (6W)
8) St. Cloud State (8W)
9) Bethel (4W)
10) MSU-Mankato (7W)
11) UMN-Duluth (5W*)
12) Gustavus (5W)
13) UW-Eau Claire (3W*)
14) Winona State (2W)

*Win total reduced due to ACHA eligibliity/forfeit rulings (2/4/24)

KRACH will be used as a method to determine the final two qualifiers for the WCCHA Tournament as well as seeding for the tournament. For a basic explanation of how the system works, CLICK HERE. The highest two teams in the KRACH rankings not otherwise qualified for the tournament (the top three teams from each division automatically qualify) will take the 7th and 8th spot, respectively. To determine seeding (#1-#8), the qualified teams will be placed via their KRACH ranking.

The league-wide KRACH is computed by using ALL results in games featuring two WCCHA teams, whether Divisional, Interdivisional or Independent. This emphasizes using all available data to get the clearest possible picture of accurate league ranking.

The first KRACH Ranking for the 2023-2024 WCCHA season will be released following completion of play over the Nov. 10-12 weekend. The rankings will then be updated each week, with the final rankings released on February 4 ahead of the 2024 WCCHA Tournament. The KRACH rankings will include all games contested between WCCHA teams, including both divisional and inter-divisional games. Games against non-conference opponents will not be included.