Games through Feb. 5, 2023 - FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS

About the WCCHA Standings...


$ Division Champions / Qualified for WCCHA Tournament

+ Division tiebreakers: Minnesota wins Northwest by second tiebreaker (head-to-head goal differential of +1); St. Thomas wins Southeast by first tiebreaker (head-to-head record of 2-0)

^ Qualified for WCCHA Tournament by Division Standings

Under WCCHA rules, each team plays a round-robin schedule within the division that includes two games against each division opponent. The schedule is balanced home vs. away each season, and repeats every two years (so if team A hosts team B in year 1, team B will host team A in year 2).

POINTS: Win = 2 PTS | LOSS = 0 PTS

Games tied at the end of regulation will proceed to a 5 minute, 3v3 sudden death overtime. If the overtime ends without a goal, the game will proceed to a best-of-3 shootout to determine the winner. The team that wins the shootout recieves a one (1) goal bonus (+1) for the final score. No points are awarded for an overtime or shootout loss, mirroring the ACHA guidelines for rankings.

Each season, the WCCHA will recognize a regular season Division Champion for each Division.

TOURNAMENT QUALIFICATION: The top 3 teams from each division will automatically qualify for the WCCHA Tournament, regardless of position in the WCCHA KRACH Rankings (tiebreakers may be used to confirm top 3). However, KRACH will be used for seeding at the tournament, not division finish.

DIVISION STANDINGS TIEBREAKERS (in order): head to head record, head to head goal differential, overall goal differential, total goals scored, least goals allowed and coin flip by commissioner.